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    I’m starting to forget your voice
    — six word story #45 (via sad-butsassy)
  2. you are intoxicated thought

  3. day 41: the start of my last chill weekend of freshman year. chilled on the esplanade, dinner with my in-laws 😉 and of course dorm drinks

  4. did you even spend a minute missing me? lol bye

  5. day 38: dinner date with manananan😍
    day 39: floor birthdays are the best
    day 40: bought some stuff, visited the marathon finish line and got free stuff😁

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    On the eve of the Boston Marathon, we at Spartan Race, along with the country, pay tribute to all the victims and survivors of last year’s attack.
    Pictured are athletes and citizens who lived through the events and won’t let tragedy grind them to a halt. This series shot by Robert X. Fogerty for Dear World captures the resilience of those affected that can’t be dampened. Please visit their site to learn more about these people’s stories and pay tribute. 

    Boston is as strong as community as the world has. We are proud to be part of it. On Marathon Monday, we will be there and along with the rest of the world, we will be watching a city recover as one.  

    never forget

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    arizona robbins memespeeches [1/?]
    ↳ "I wanted you to understand that I run my Peds unit a little differently than you may be used to." - Invest In Love (6x08)

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  11. day 36: pathetic but lab ended early so I got to start studying for chem!!! (yay)
    day 37: got my target out cause I bumped into her at the dining hall lol

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No never.


    No never.

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    serenate appreciation week | day one: the moment you started shipping them

    In this scene you can see how broke they both were for not being able to be together, and how hard it was for Serena to say all that and also Nates’s face after hearing these words resumes everything to me. In this moment I knew they were my otp.
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    I never knew how true and realistic and non-exaggerated this episode was until I went to college.

    And this is partly why I dropped out of college.

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    TV MEME → [3/6] Friendships - George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens

    You know, whenever anyone says something really funny and I laugh I always look around to see if you think it’s funny too. Even when you’re not there, I look around.